Galerie Tschudi


Bronze<br/>300 x 135 x 130 cm<br/><strong>Trees & Roots #3, 2011</strong><br/>Bronze<br/>370 x 248 x 325 cm Bronze<br/>Detail Color Photograph<br/>Edition of 5<br/>80 x 80 cm C-Print<br/>Edition of 5<br/>100 x 150 cm Neon, Edition of 5, each 60 x 60 cm Edition of 5<br/>HD Video installation, sound, 9min. 30sec., loop Neon<br/>Edition of 3<br/>5 x 72 x 5 cm Walnut wood<br/>11 x 800 x 240 cm Sound installation<br/>5 colour prints, glass framed<br/>2 stools with integrated MP3 players<br/>Edition of 5<br/>50 x 50 cm each print Ceramic sculptures<br/>Still lifes<br/>Variable dimensions